I'm proud of myself because

Alice R.D-Ramnani
2 min readFeb 22, 2021

I was talking to my friend, the one friend I call when I need recentering. Lets name said, friend cauliflower; Cauli and I go way back.

I always thought that thin strings attached to all people. And when the strings got tangled, that’s who you would cross paths with. It turns out, I still stand to this belief today but maybe instead of strings, it would be wifi. Its actually a theory (I thought I was original) Japanese red string theory.

I guess that’s how I met Cauli.

Cauli suggested writing this.

I’m reluctant and feeling very disappointed in myself lately. But I'm a woman of my word.

“I am proud of myself because”

  • I can reach the third shelf of my bathroom cabinet
  • I’m the only grandchild that bothers to call my dear three chinned grandpa
  • I do what I felt like even if I get labelled
  • I love hard
  • Sharing is caring is the first thing I learnt in kindergarten; I share and care a lot
  • Im the first in my family to go to university
  • I graduated with honours
  • Im dyslexic (but spelling necceicary I mean no thanks English)
  • I never got braces and my teeth look fine
  • Im working towards reducing inequality because I’ve been given a chance of a better life
  • I can fend for myself when a spider enters my home without a formal invite
  • My name is a red line but im not a mistake
  • I give my all to people when they need me
  • I got told I had no rhythm in school so I made sure to master percussion- I taught Jazz
  • I can make people smile (even if its at me)
  • Im shockingly good at connecting people
  • I can now hug others and enjoy it
  • I overcame my fear of the smell of oranges
  • Im becoming better at communicating with my friends and family
  • I voice myself more that I did and
  • Im less afraid of the truth
  • Im a global citizen nobody can tell me otherwise
  • I have a lot of discipline
  • I can connect with others deeply
  • I feel more comfortable in my skin
  • I can sustain prolonged eye contact without feeling too insecure
  • I can write this list without wanting to roll my eyes


I didn’t particularly appreciate writing this because I wouldn’t say I like talking about myself. I feel so much and do so little its uncanny.

Cauli, I appreciate you and always pushing my limits. You motivate me to make me a better version of myself. I’m on version 3.

Fun fact, I have a doughnut once a year when I have an existential crisis. I just finished munching on this glazed bad boy and looking forward to version 4 of me.